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Debora Channels CABERET

Stunt Kitty Films presents the multi-talented Debora Roventini's outrageous karaoke performance of the musical broadway hit made famous by Liza Minnelli. reviews THE GOLEM

Recently Allen Richards of was kind enough to review Stunt Kitty Films latest film, THE GOLEM, for his indie film site.

For those unfamiliar with Allen and his work, he has been an outspoken champion of microcinema and indie filmmaking almost from the beginning, offering a meeting place on the web at for film makers to share their experiences and ideas about the art and craft of microcinema.

Documentary "The Park" Premiere's at San Diego Natural History Museum

A year ago Debora had the opportunity to appear in documentary film by Tony Okun about city parks and how they fit into the lives of a community.

The film recently had its world premiere screening September 26th at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The fund raiser for the San Diego Parks and Recreation department was a smash hit with much positive feedback about the film which will be shown on PBS later in the year.

"Working with Tony was joy", said Debora, who appears in the film with our basset hound Berry-Marie whom we lost earlier this year to cancer.

SKF Prime Beefcake

Sticking with our pledge as an equal opportunity exploiter, SKF is proud present alumni Chappie Hunter appearing as "May" in the 2006 San Diego County's Calendar of Heroes...

Chappie was a complete professional during his half day of work on the set of SKF's "The Golem" as Limo Driver #1, generously donating the second half of his role to his cousin, Philip Faiss, who finished the day's shoot as Limo Driver #2.

Attack of the Baby Doll! -- The Official Webpages

The official web pages for SKF's latest short film, "Attack of the Baby Doll!" are now up in advance of the film's completion...

For those unable to wait for the completion of the film, you can get an early look at "Babydoll" by viewing our collection of lobbycards featuring some of the outrageous scenes from the film here.

SKF visits Dr. Morbius' Movie Mausoleum

Here's something you don't do everyday --

Bill, Dr. Morbius, #6, Debora and Philip

On Saturday, February 5th, SKF went to visit Los Angeles horror show host, Dr. Morbius at his Movie Mausoleum...

We're pleased to say we received an appropriately chilly welcome from Dr. Morbius, #6 and everyone at the Mausoleum and an absolutely ghoulish time was had by all.

Stuart Takes On The Rock

Universal Studio's The Rundown starring the Rock and featuring Stuart F. Wilson (star of SKF's Dead Stop) as a whip-wielding henchman opens nationwide September 26th.

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