The Golem

Forget skeletons in the closet... this family has a Golem in the garage.

Trailer Running Time: 2 mins
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Estranged siblings are forced to confront a dark past when they return home after their father dies to discover a monster living in the family garage.

" interesting film that proudly boasts the filmmaker's inspirations, classic monster movies."


The story begins late one night when Sue Stephens, an over-worked book editor living in N.Y.C., receives a mysterious telephone call pleading for her help. Soon after, she learns from the youngest of her three brothers that her father, with whom she is estranged, has passed away. This devastates Sue who had hoped to one day patch things up.

As the siblings gather in Los Angeles to close their father's estate, we learn the brothers blame Sue for everything that has transpired between them and their father. The significance of this hits home when they discover a golem -- a human figure of clay sculpted by their father -- living in the family garage.

Over the next few hours the siblings will question everything in their lives including their sanity; their only chance of surviving the horror of this night is in the discovery of the secret of... The Golem.

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